Semalt Provides 3 Main Web Scraping Approaches You Should Know About

Web scraping, also known as web harvesting and data extraction, is the practice of extracting information from the net. The web scraping software accesses the Internet with the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, or through different web browsers. Specific information is collected and copied. It is then saved in a centralized database or downloaded to your hard disk. The easiest way to get data from a site is to download it manually, but you can also use web scraping software to get your work done. If the content is spread over thousands of sites or web pages, you would have to use and Kimono Labs to obtain and organize data as per your requirements. If your workflow is qualitative and more complex, then you can apply any of these approaches to your projects.

Approach#1: DIY:

There are a large number of open-source web scraping technologies. In a DIY approach, you will hire a team of developers and programmers to get your work done. They will not only scrape data on your behalf but also will backup files. This method is suitable for enterprises and famous businesses. A DIY approach may not suit freelancers and startups due to its high costs. If custom web scraping techniques are used, your programmers or developers may cost you higher than regular prices. However, DIY approach ensures the provision of quality data.

Approach#2: Web scraping tools and services:

Most often, people use web scraping services and tools to get their works done. Octoparse, Kimono,, and other similar tools are implemented at small and large-scale. Enterprises and webmasters even pull data from websites manually, but this is only possible if they possess great programming and coding skills. Web Scraper, a Chrome extension, is widely used to build sitemaps and define different elements of a site. Once one, the data is downloaded as JSON or CSV files. You can either build a web scraping software or use an already-existing tool. Make sure the program you use not only scrapes your site but also crawls your web pages. Companies like Amazon AWS and Google provide scraping tools, services, and public data free of cost.

Approach#3: Data-as-a-Service (DaaS):

In the context of data scraping, data-as-a-service is a technique that allows customers to set up custom data feeds. Most organizations store scraped data in a self-contained repository. The advantage of this approach for businessmen and data analysts is that it introduces them to new and comprehensive web scraping techniques; it also helps generate more leads. They will be able to choose reliable scrapers, find the trending stories, and visualize the data to distribute it without any problem.

Downloadable Web Scraping Software

1. Uipath – It is a perfect tool for programmers and can surpass the common web data extraction challenges, such as page navigations, digging the flash, and the scraping of PDF files.

2. – This tool is best known for its user-friendly interface and scrapes your data in real-time. You can receive the outputs in CSV and Excel forms.

3. Kimono Labs – an API is created for the web pages of your desire, and the information can be scraped from newsfeeds and stock markets.

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